English is a beautiful language and sometimes its words have hidden meanings if we are creative enough to explore them.

I discovered it accidentally. Perhaps some of you may have discovered the secret also, but do not pay much attention to it. I did and have kept some of the words and thoughts in my LIFE POINTERS.

1.     There is a lie in the word ‘believe’. So, if someone says he believes you, do not take it hook,  line and sinker. It may contain a lie. Be on the alert!

2.     In the word ‘trust’, there is always ‘us‘. That is why people always say ‘trust us’ if you don’t trust anyone else!

3.     Your very good ‘friend’ will become a ‘fiend‘ when relationship (r) is lost.

4.     One is feeling ‘comfortable’ because he is in his own ‘fort‘ and ‘able‘ to do anything he likes.

5.     When a ‘monkey’ has lost its ‘kick’ (k), you’ll get back the ‘money‘ you paid for it.

6.     A ‘Thousand Leaves Bar” can become a ‘Thou and  e  ves Bar‘ (after some letters in the sign are dropped off).

7.     Don’t provoke a ‘stranger’ to blow his top off! He is filled to the brim with ‘anger‘.

8.     The letter ‘i‘ stands out in ‘pride’ and in ‘sin’

9.     When we say that ‘God is nowhere‘, it certainly means that ‘God is now here’!

10.  You really have to ‘toil‘ in the ‘toilet’ when you are constipated!

I’m very sure you can think of more than these when you put on your thinking caps. Send them to me. Thanks!



  1. How I remember like it was just yesterday that you shared some of these words to us. Thank you so much Jeremy

  2. I just tagged this comment on my blog. You are a wordwitter! Keep wordwitting and feel free to share some on thewordwit.com.
    Isn’t poetry beautiful – I marvel at the collection of words one chooses to pen.

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