As I have mentioned on my earlier blog that I envy people who live in countries which have the four seasons. Each season brings along different scenery. Teach season has its own beauty………

The four seasons regulate the activities of Man and all other living creatures. Each species is endowed with certain inert instincts within themselves so that they know and can survive when the season changes.

The birds will be able to fly long distances to warmer climates during the winter. Polars bears and some other animals are able to hibernate. Tress will shed their leaves. Other animals will gather enough food to last them the whole of winter. It is amazing. Who teaches all these animals to know the times and the seasons?

Above all, Man learns how to deal with each changing season. He plans and regulates his activities accordingly. The farmer knows when is the appropriate time for ploughing the field, sowing the sees, harvesting the crops and storing the food.

Nature is surely a very clever and intelligent teacher. Every one learns the survival skills well or face extinction! The seasons also teach us how to view our lives on earth. Each season depicts the stage of life we are in. Observe and learn.

The four poems which I wrote on each of the seasons provide food for thoughts. May they speak to you as you enjoy reading them!

1)     SPRING


Nature’s revival,

Starting life anew;

Added wisdom and experience,

Bloom and mature in time;

Past failures are the best teachers,

Never repeat the same errors;

Working hard never kill,

Being slothful will;

Be mindful,




Fruitful season,

Harvesting of rewards;

Swinging music and dance,

Replenishing granary and filling barns;

Counting your blessing, do your part;

Help the poor and needy,

Generously give your heart;

Sowing happy seeds,

Happiness increases,




Goals fulfilled,

Granary and store,

Are full to capacity;

Longing for a well-deserved rest,

With children and loved ones beside;

The remaining years are precious,

With senses confusedly mixed,

Next journey awaits,

Travelling alone,




Nature’s preservation;

Inactive but alive,

Ready for right opportunity,

Spring forth from past defeat,

New will to persevere and succeed;

All systems raring to go,

New feats , new victory,

Constantly abiding patiently,

Falling snow,


After you have read all the four poems, I welcome your frank comment. It is for self improvement. Thanks!




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