Just this morning I witnessed a mother rebuking her teenage son. I did not know on what matter they were disputing but I heard the teenager promise the mother not to do it again. As I gauged the facial expression of the teenager, I knew that the promise was not genuine. It was just used to appease the mother so that she would stop nagging him in the bus.

There is a personal agenda behind each promise whether it is given reluctantly or otherwise! Sometimes, we are forced to make a promise so that we can avoid the matter from becoming bad to worse. Promises are also given to avoid embarrassing situations.

How many times do we make promises each day — either to ourselves or to others? We may make use of it as a temporary sop-gap so as to avoid some ugly scenes. Or, it is given when we just want some more time to recollect our composure and bid for another time when we can retaliate?

Whatever it is, we make use of a promise to reduce or stop  a disagreement or argument temporarily, to avoid an ugly scene and to buy time!

Hence, this brings me back to the poem I wrote. Hope you enjoy reading it.


A promise is an agreement,

Given orally or in written form,

Between individuals or groups,

Agee to abide by its terms.

Promises easily given will be easily broken,

Valueless, but ruffle feelings or cause hurts;

Use to stop or reduce tension,

To give temporal relief and calm,

Until either party breaks the truce!



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