Do you enjoy listening to the music made by the wind-chimes? The wind-chimes are the toys of the wind. Next time, when you are listening to the wind-chimes, think about the poem below:


He who listens to the wind-chime,

Appreciates the music of the wind,

The forgotten songs of by-gone years,

Refreshes the soul like Spring!

The wind-chime is able to translate,

The invisible and soundless music into notes,

To soothe the fear and ease the pain,

To those whose ears can hear!

The wind sings of love and peace,

Which Man has lost because of Eve;

Who succumbed to the wiles of the Serpent,

Making living a life’s burden:

The dream of ‘Man will be like God’

Is Satan’s most deadly weapon;

An irresistible temptation used to beguile a simpleton,

Who swallowed it without any resistance!

Since then, Man is like god,

Able to create other creatures through cloning,

Still he needs a sample,

Before he creates another!

God created Man out of dust and nothing,

Man created many a god out of everything,

The desire to be God’s equal,

Is Satan’s ulimate weapon!

The wind moans and groans,

But none can hear the soundless notes,

Through the wind-chime it is loud and clear,

Only to those who will hear!


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