Just the other day, my friends and I were chatting our evening away, when one of them popped out a question: Does the word “desire” have the same meaning as “lust”? All of a sudden, every one of us started to give our two-cent worth of comment on the two words. We did not have a dictionary then, so we could not refer to the definitions of each word. What do you conjure when you are confronted by the two common words? Don’t tell anybody; just keep it to yourself! You know yourself better than anyone else. So, your secret is well-kept!

The word “desire” denotes positive as well as negative images. The word “lust” denotes too much negative forces. Hence when we hear a sentence like “He lusts after……..” we will automatically conjure the negative images and very seldom do we see the positive side of “lust”. If you are interested, find out more for yourself! You know what to do when you lust after knowledge!

Well, the poem below speaks for itself. Enjoy it.



Strong desire,

To satisfy oneself;

Can led to disaster,

Never an effective motivational force,

To accomplish good or bad intention!

Use of immoral selfish gratification,

Becomes bottomless base cravings,

Like drinking seawater,

Unquenchable thirst,



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