I was born before my time! Do you believe me?

When I was in school, that is a very, very long time ago, I loved to write poems as well as play with words. I was encouraged to plunge into writing poems by my form teacher. (I have said that on my earlier posts).

When I started to play with words, another teacher who would not tolerate my outspoken attitude, shut me up. From then on, I did not indulge nor venture into that area.

Surprisingly, when I have grown old (just less than a month ago), I have discovered that there are many people out there who have the same outlook as I.

As you know, I am a unique individual. I always try to be different in the things that I do. So, in poetry, I want to create my own format — 11 lines with 36 words in geometrical diamond shape (1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1). I have posted a number of my poems on my blog using this format. So, in the play of words, I call myself ‘wordsman'(influenced by eastern ‘swordsman) just to identify myself with this craft and I have created thoughts which I called “LIFE–POINTERS”.

Only recently, I stumbled into “Tweeter” and the wordwit”. I was/am overwhelmed! I didn’t know that I’m called a wordwitter and all those stuff are wordwits. We truly keep on learning until the day that we die!

I wrote a number of tweets. You can read some of them on LumJeremy@Tweeter.com. I really don’t understand or know what I am doing there, but I just want to share some of my thoughts as I had written them some time ago. Now, I am just wondering how I can get my other stuff onto the “wordwit.com”

Well, this was what I wrote in one of my essays that my teacher shut me up:

……”Man is very ambitious. They always want to be Master of the Universe, Master of their own Destiny, Master of …. Everything! Yet, Man cannot  be ‘Master of themselves. They cannot even fix the basic locations of “Here” and “There”. Why? The positions of “Here” and “There” is beyond the decision of Man. It is the sole decision and determination of the letter ‘T’……..

For that piece of writing, I received an earful of insults! So, from that time onwards, I do not dare to play with words. They can boomerang when the receiver refuses to accept it. Then I have become wiser!


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