Michelle_Koop @the wordwit.com  asks if I am a wordwitter. I think my answer should be YES! though I did not know that I was one. As I have explained earlier in my blog, I played with words (nowadays, you call it ‘wordwit’ or tweets–beautiful names) during my school days, that is,  before the dawn of computer age! I truly enjoyed myself then, and now I discover that I have not lost this art.

During our time, we used to ‘cross-swords’ to see who would lose. This was an exercise to keep our mind alert and quick to rebut. It also taught us to be creative and think out of the box. So we used to dissect words and phrases and tried to read meanings into them. All these exercises helped us to improve our learning and at the same time, derive joy and interest in the English Language. Well, you know what I mean, so I’m not going to bore you!

Below is a classical example of what I wrote. (Now, please do not mistake me. I’m not boasting when I said that I was born before my time.) I don’t know what you will call it. Just enjoy the verses:

He is a swordsman;

I am a wordsman;

He uses swords,

But I use words;

His weapons are made of steel,

My words are softer than eels,

 He stabs and kills,

I jab and thrill.

He is in Heaven and in Hell;

I’m on earth working just as well!

I see,

You saw?

She’s seen!


He is in Heaven and in Hell!

So, give me your comment. I look forward to hear from you! If you want to read more of my tweets go to LumJeremy@twitter.com





  1. Way to go! I love the lines “I am a wordsman….using words…to thrill”. I guess I would call myself a wordswoman – yet, another new term! You are a wordwitter – but today, I’m coining another new term for you. You, Jeremy Lum are a wordpoet, wordpoetting; a wordpoetter. Now that sounds like fun! I’m staying tuned!

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