Today’s title is unique in a sense. I am sharpening my eagerness in words and my reflexive rebuttal as a ‘wordsman’ so that I could attract more like-minded people out there to join in the fun! For this, I have to thank  especially Ms Michele_Koop @the wordwit.com for the opportunity she has given me.

My godson stationing in China is very interested in this hobby too, but unfortunately, he  cannot go into this sphere of the internet. He is better than I although I have more experience.

Well, let us return to the main story on my blog. As clever and experienced people, I know many of you will know what I am going to write as my title has let the cat out of the bag! So bear with me and read on……..

Once there was a young man who wanted to start a business.  So , he combed the four corners of his country seeking to buy ideal ideas for his business so that his business would last forever. For all his effort, he found that all the ideal ideas were just too common and down-to-earth  — all not exciting and promising to yield big bucks! He decided to come to my country to seek an unknown ‘wordsman’ whom he had heard of but had not met before.

When he met the ‘wordsman’ he was unimpressed. The ‘wordsman’ was just as ordinary as any other man. How could he sell anything valuable to him? Nevertheless, he explained to the ‘wordsman’ the purpose of his visit and what he wanted.

After listening attentively and quietly, the ‘wordsman’ nodded. “Ah….. my friend,” the ‘wordsman said confidently, “I have just what you need! I’ll recommend you the right business and  the right direction to take!” The young man was overjoyed! “Tell me quickly, ‘wordsman’. I’ll buy all your ideal ideas!”

The ‘wordsman’ said smilingly but slowly to the young man, “I   deal  in  ideal  ideas.  All  ideas  are  mine!  I  have  stamped   them   with  the  letter  ‘i’ . When you see any ideal   ideas  you   will  know  that  they  are  mine! But they are not for sale!    love   all  my   ideal   ideas !

The moral of the story: All my  IDEAL  IDEAS    are   stamped   with   my   letter   ‘i’.

Thank you for your patience in reading the story. Hope you have enjoyed it. Please give me your frank feedback. I welcome them!



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