I always wonder if we ever thought of doing something which no one has done before. As for me, I always try to be different. I do not like to be led when I was younger. I always want to lead and because of this I have learnt a lot of lessons the hard way!

I’m not saying that I go against the Establishment or the law. I like to create my own standard and individuality if possible. I like and welcome challenges. Many a times, I do meet with failures but I always pick myself up, learn from the costly or silly mistakes and remember not to try it using the same method!

Of course I am not talking about taking risks that may cost us to lose a limb or two, or even worst, our life. Well, have I ever dreamt of conquering Mt Everest? Yes, and many times. But the truth is, every time I dreamt that I have reached the summit, I started to stumble down to the bottom again. It’s funny, isn’t it?

Because of that, I wrote SCALING  THE PEAK. Even in the poem, I fail to conquer its peak!



Lofty peak;

Awe inspiring monument,

Posing an immense challenge;

Scaling it needs severe endurance,

Surmounting it is life’s greatest feat;

Surpassing all the harsh turmoil,

Many succumb to defeat;

Raising both hands,

In quiet,


I manage to express my sentiment using my unique format, 11 lines of 36 words in geometrical diamond shape (1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1), but I have not succeeded reaching the peak! Hope you like the poem.



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