Many people use the to chat and to send messages and tweets. Whatever names we give the tweets, some play of words are very meaningful and contain truth and wisdom. This is what I called WISDOM HIDDEN IN WORDS AND LIFE POINTERS. The art of playing with words existed a very long time ago, during the classical period or the golden age of Chinese history. It might have flourished in other ancient civilizations too. There is no available record to testify to that fact.

So, why don’t we start something new? Set up a committee to look into the tweets that are published, classify them in different categories if they are good and in no time we will have Life Pointers/Wise Tweets/Modern Proverbs/21st Century Wise Tips or whatever name we want to call it.

I’ll propose someone in the teams to be in charge and the rest of the readers to act as committee members. How does that sound for a grand project? Would someone out there who are interested and can help organise such a task force? Then it would come to fruition!

I really appreciate Ms Michelle_Koop@the for doing a fantastic job! She should be the one to head such a project. She may need more help when the work is overwhelming. I think the rest of the readers would lend a helping hand!

The poem below is familiar to some of my readers. Nevertheless, I reproduce it again so that others will read it. I would welcome anyone to comment and give me some feedback on my poems.




Crystallized thoughts,

Derived from experience;

Being tested by Time,

Wise essence distilled and purified;

Encapsulated in language, culture and religion;

Ready medicine for mind absorption,

Transforming one’s narrow outlook,

Accelerate clear thinking,

Super pills





  1. You are always surprising me with ideas! I think this is a great adventure to embark on and….I’m not sure how to do it! How? Hmmm….This is the luxury of a positive thought! It embarks new ways of thinking, dreaming and inventing. Let’s continue the conversation, Jeremy. Something could become!

    1. Hi, Michelle. Me again. This can be a grand project to undertake and I know and am sure you can do it with some other team members.

      For a start, why not categorize those tweets that are Life Pointers/Puzzles,Teasers..Jokes…..

      Then separate those that are long in prose or in verse. These must have some kind of lessons or moral behind the stories.

      Tweets that state facts or truths by playing with words in different ways. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to draw a line between these and Life Pointers but we can discuss this by team consensus.

      Give each category a web page where people can go to to read them on your main web page.

      I’m IT ignorant. I don’t know how all these could be done.

      Sometimes, readers can help by clicking or arranging a number of tweets that they like. Then you will have Quotes for the Month.

      I think, all these will attract more readers, the causal, fun-loving, creative as well as the serious, to visit your blog, while discouraging those vulgar and sensational ones which are so common in Facebook, Youtube etc.

      Well, I hope I have given you enough thoughts to keep your mind churning! I would like to offer my help within my IT knowledge. I can’t even cut/copy/paste. Always make mistakes! Take good care of yourself and keep in touch.

      Regards, JL

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