What is life?

When we are born, we take in our first breath of fresh earthly air, but before we leave this world, we have to return it! We can’t even take it away with us!

What about the fleshy body that we are in? Doesn’t it belong to us? The answer is a big “NO!” It is from “dust to dust and ashes to ashes!”

What do we actually own in this life? NOTHING! NO  THING! Not even a single strand of hair!

Then, why on earth are we struggling daily trying to increase what we already have, when at the end of the day, we have nothing at all?

Ah, strange, isn’t it? I’m not trying to be philosophical, neither am I teasing you. In all seriousness, have we ever pondered and wondered over the question: “Why are we here?” sent me some very good tweets on LIFE. I am using this opportunity to retweet them

1.     Yes, L– if –e  offers great choices because of the “if’ in the centre of life! Come to think of it, we make our choice even when we do not choose any because ‘not choosing’ is also one of the choices! Select the choices Life offers and select wisely! So, friends, what choices are you making — for better or for worse?

But for any complex situation, we can’t foresee the consequences of the choice we make. Always only on hindsight that we know and realize the consequences of that particular choice!

2.     When we have mad a choice, there will be some changes, either noticeable or unseen. Why do we change our way? Is it for the better or is it upon another person’s advice?

Change to become better,

Is the right choice to choose;

Not for others to become right,

Will be the wisest move!

3.     The last tweet is a very truthful advice for every one of us! It really serves as a warning to all of us:  “Love life so much that you wouldn’t even dream of it harming you!”

I’ll simplify it a little further:  “Love  living  i n   familiar  environment  so much that you wouldn’t even dream of it harming you!” Does not give you a little warning? Think about it!

Choices, choices…choices! Make the correct choices, my friends!  Do good  and be good!


10 thoughts on “LIFE AS I SEE IT

    1. Thanks, Michelle. It’s because of your encouragment that I restart my schoolboy hobby. I really enjoy myself.I have you to thank. Do keep in touch!

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