Nowadays, many things can be recycled as long as we find them useful to us and help us to conserve our natural resources –glass, metal, paper………and even plastics

So, words too can be recycled. Oh yes! I know that you would conjure in your mind how words would be recycled. Just the same way as glass and metal? Ah, you jump to the conclusion too hastily! Or is it giving the same word to Tom, then to Dick and later to Harry like in a merry-go-round? No, it isn’t! It’s a GAME!

How do you play this game? You want to know but I’m not going to tell you! Use your creativity and make this game a great SUCCESS!

All of us know that when things grow old, some will become useless and some, with a little bit of ingenuity, can become something else — totally different from the original!

So, here goes:

  • When a  mess  becomes too old, it can be turned into a  mess age !
  • An old long trodden  pass  will become a  pass age!
  • Beware and do be careful, your old  host  may become a  host age!
  • When you are calling for a  cab,   don’t ever get an old one. You may get a  cab b age!
  • When you are playing in a big  band,  get ready to resign from it before it becomes old. Otherwise, you will turn into a  band age!
  • When we stay on a  post  for decades, we can be changed into a  post age!

Ah… when a  man  has grown old enough, he will become a  man age r! (Sorry, ladies not included!)

Have fun, my friend and continue the game yourself!



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