What do we really mean when we say ,”Expect the unexpected”? It’s a great challenge for the mind! Why? How are we able to expect the unexpected when we don’t even think of it or about it? If we have thought of or about it, then it is not the unexpected. In fact, everything that happens in life is unexpected. Of course, we are not talking about the expected outcome or the  consequence of our action. If we cut one of our fingers with a knife, we’ll expect blood to ooze out from the cut. What happens, instead of blood, oil flows out from the cut?  Then this is truly unexpected. Correct! So, does that phrase mean that there will be expected outcome but look forward to those outcome that you would never think of ! It is like a God-given miracle! Or is the person trying to say, what will come will come, both the expected and the unexpected. Perhaps, someone out there can explain the phrase better! Let me know by email!

Well, I must apologize to those who try to get the free download of the book (Conversation with Insanity) but fail to get one. There is a misunderstanding between Alvin, my godson, and me. He has taken down the book from the shelf to do a revision. For those lucky ones who succeeded to download a copy, I hope you will give me your feedback and perhaps a short review. I’ll be very grateful. That book was written quite a number of years ago and I have almost forgotten about it. Well, happy reading!

Just last evening, one of the students from where I was writing my blog said something very interesting. He says, “English is extremely confusing! Sometimes, two unrelated words are joined together to form a new word. Then, the new word has a totally different meaning.”

I have to agree with him. When I was young, I found it very perplexing too! There are many examples of such words and the wordwitters love them very much. With creativity, one can spin a story or an anecdote to make it more interesting! Here goes:

  • cock     +      pit     =     cockpit
  • moon  +       light  =     moonlight
  • mile     +     stone  =     milestone
  • pick     +   pocket =     pickpocket
  • butter +  fly          =     butterfly
  • type    +    writer =     typewriter
  • night   +     mare =     nightmare
  • tar        +     get     =     target
  • fan        +    fare   =      fanfare
  • toad     +   stool  =     toadstool
  • hot       +   dog     =     hotdog

Talking about being perplexed, I find that human nature is the most perplexing. We do not know what we actually want. When the weather is hot, we want it to be cool. When the weather is cool, we want it to be hot! That’s human nature, isn’t it? Just like an angler. He is thrilled when the fish eats the bait, gets hooked and start to struggle. The fight is thrilling, but once he got it into his net, all the thrill is gone! That again, is human nature.






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