It is very enjoyable and it keeps our mind sharp and alert when we play with words. This has been my school-day hobby which I have lost touch until very recently.

It was by chance that I visited the wordwit.com website and with Ms Michelle’s encouragement, I rediscover my long lost hobby. I am indeed grateful to her!

Some of the tweets really make me think deeply. They feed me with numerous opportunities to write on my blog. Some tweets state the truth and are factual. These kind of tweets are difficult to retweet. Some can be retweeted by a play of words and nuances. I hope more readers out there would join in the fun!

I came across the phrase “…a cultured man…” in one of the tweets and it sets me really thinking. Do we culture man like the way we culture bacteria, pearls….milk? Nowadays, the cultured man is out! We clone man and animals! So, what is the difference between a CULTURED man and a CLONED man? I have set you thinking, haven’t I?

Another phrase “…expect the unexpected..” What do you think when someone tells you, “Expect the unexpected!” I think I had written with a tongue in cheek on my blog yesterday. I’m still waiting for someone to email me his reaction! You can write to me too! I promise that I’ll try my best to reply all emails!

Now, one of my followers in Twitter is a musician. He was comment something about MUSIC. I’ll like to give my definition of music here; but before I do that, I would like you to think about it and come up with a definition of your own.

Music is the soul and its lyrics, the voice of the inner self of the artist who expresses and belts it out in songs and other musical instruments! This then is music to our ears!

I remember that I wrote a poem on MUSIC. Let me share it with you:



Soothing sounds,

With regular rhythm,

Pleasing to the ears,

Calming jagged nerves and minds;

Mending broken pieces of extreme heartaches;

Revitalize physical and emotional health,

Overhauling the inner soul;

Reassuring peace,


In olden days, a cultured person excels in poetry and music like the gentlemen in England and China. Do we have any cultured man nowadays. Speak  up so that you can be heard!

Now, be gentle and good to your neighbours!






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