Mos of us love to solve riddles. As I have said previously riddles makes us aware of words and wits and also train us to be analytical.

I always try to create my own riddles so that others would enjoy them as they are fresh from the oven. Sometimes, you may even laugh at your own answers too. This is another form of wordwitting wits.

Here goes:

1.     What can be found in the centre of the island of Singapore?

The clue of this riddle is in the meaning of the word “centre”. If you look at the word “Sing a pore”, the letter ‘a’ is in the centre. So the answer to the riddle is the letter ‘a’.

2.     Why do tigers have stripes on their bodies?

This riddle is a creative one and not a scientific one!  The play of words is in the meaning of the word ‘stripes’. Their bodies bear the stripes made by their trainer’s whip!

3.      Why does an elephant have a long nose?

The answer again is a creative one. Some can think of a more interesting reason with some creativity. It is because it likes to poke its nose into the affairs of other animals! Quite interesting. Don’t you think so?

4.     Eagles have eaglets. Pigs have piglets. Owls have owlets. So, bulls must have bullets. Is that correct? Why? I know you know the answer to this riddle (tweet).

5.     A silverfish is not a fish. A seahorse is not a horse. So, what is a snakehead? If you want to know the answer, you have to consult a dictionary. Simply, it’s  a kind of  fresh water tropical fish that lives in ponds and rivers.

6.     Although ‘average’ and ‘mean’ have the same meaning at times, their usage in the English Language is different. We can use these two words to create numerous riddles and jokes.

What is the difference between an ‘average’ person and a ‘mean’ person?

7.     What is the difference between the first and the last? Want a creative answer? They are at either end of a very long queue!

I know many of you can think of a lot more when you put on your thinking caps. It’s fun. In so doing, your eyes and ears will be more alert to words spoken and unspoken. So have lots of fun,  my friends. Remember to treat your neighbours well!



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