Time and tide wait for no man. How very true it is! Half a year has just gone past and soon the year will come to an end while another new year will begin. I usually take stock of what I have done these past six months. I have only one regret that I have not given up my few sticks of cigarettes a day. I remember that I put it up on my post that I’ll be giving it up, but sadly regretting to say, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! I could cut down to the very minimum. Still another six more months to try again before I admit defeat!

Well, how long is a day, when it can be devoured by the minutes in seconds? This is how time flies! Whenever I think of TIME, the poem below always surfaces to my mind! Let’s refresh our minds again and enjoy the poem!



The invisible hand of the clock,

Regulates the activities of Man;

Together with the four season,

Painting the backdrops of the earth,

On which human history performs;

Comedy, tragedy, hatred, love or war,

Endless episodes are in store;

The director does not tolerate,

Any censor, nor retake or remake,

Each scene is authentic,

The weapons are not gimmicks;

Who’s the hero? Who’s the villain?

The intrigue and suspense thicken.

When one hero exits,another replaces;

When one villian dies, another takes over,

Out of chaos, a hero will arise,

In prosperity, villain’s emerge.

Nothing can remain static,

In this locomotion of Time.

Live performers we are,

On this world wide stage,

What legacy do we leave behind

When we have said our final line?

If my poems stir your mind and thoughts,

And challenge you to scale greater heights;

Then, have I not live in vain,

With you, I leave my name!





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