Ah. it’s good to be back home after a short break. I really does wonders – supercharged! My other half  just nagged at me because I still wanted  to answer emails, get in touch with close friends, etc. Well, it’s wonderful to be back!

Well, first thing first. I have received a lot of emails asking for the answers. Some of my friends telephoned me and asked me to explain the ones ( only 2) slightly difficult and witty ones which they were not sure if they had the correct answers. I’ll try to explain myself here.

1.     The fish will rot in the car boot if you do not take it out!      The answer is carrot.

Most of you got it right! Well done!

2.     She performed an amazing feat. Her   feat left many spectators speechless!    The answer is feather which belongs to a bird.

Only a few got it wrong. One gave two or three answers. All wrong ones!

3.     What a waste! You use a silver ware to keep the fish!      This is a test of one’s vocabulary.

 The answer is silverfish. Look it up in a dictionary!

4.     Ah, this is a slightly difficult one, indeed. One of  them gave up thinking about the answer.

When “man” is beheaded, ‘an’ (his intact body) remains. Many gave different interesting answers!

5.     The answer is straightforward – jack/screw-jack/car-jack . All are correct.

Well, I have posted some of these on twitters. You can visit my post there

I’ll try to recollect some difficult ones and post it here on my blog.

Thanks for all the interest shown and all the emails!

Be good!



  1. I woke up this morning knowing just what to do! I can make you a guest author on As a guest writer, I would love for you to post your wordwitting games – this will be your focus. Would that work for you? It’s all for fun. Just an opportunity to post your writing in another space.

    1. It’s an honour and my pleasure to share the game on your post.

      I just want to know if I could mix some of these with creative riddles, the answers can be very witty at times! Definitely not those standard old kind of riddles – examples of some of these you may have read them in my previous post.

      Thanks for the invitation. I am just excited! But a word of caution: Make it easy for me just to type the content. I don’t know how to mix and match pictures or illustrations. (really IT ignorant!) Something like at

      Thanks, once again.


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