Since many of the readers have enjoyed the wordwitting game, I shall continue to post more with a mixture of riddles as well. So put on your thinking caps and have fun.

1.     A leopard always have spots on its body. Some say that a leopard never changes it spots, but I strongly disagree! Do you know when does a leopard change its sports?

2.     Tom loves to eat an apple after every meal. Last night to his horror, he found half a worm wriggling at the core of the apple. Can you find the young of an insect. Try it. It’s there!

3.     Why do elephants have such long noses?

4.     Why does a lion have a beautiful mane whereas a lioness doesn’t have one?

5.     A farmer said lovingly to his wife, “Honey, please put on a hat when you go out at night. The night dew is not good for your health!”  There is a fruit in what the farmer said to his wife. Can you name the fruit?

6.     Zebras have stripes, so do tigers! But the stripes of tigers are the scars inflicted by their trainer’s whip, whereas the stripes of zebras are put on by themselves. Can you give the reason why do they do that?

7.     Last night, Ringo entered a bar to have a few drinks. All of a sudden, he saw a crow fly into a big cage in the bar. He told his friends about it. All his friends said that he was drunk. They insisted that Ringo had seen a simple tool. Can you identify this tool?

I just heard someone said that he had just finished doing the game because it’s so easy. For the others, please try harder!

Be good, dear friends!


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