I am a little mean this morning. I am withholding back the answers to the WORDWITTING GAME (1) to next week. I know some of you have become an expert and can see through the clues once it is given.

Today’s game would be a little more creative and challenging  (not so, to high-flyers) to newcomers. I also welcome friends to join in the game and give me the feedback. I know many of my friends who read my blog are just too lazy to write their comments but telephone me instead. Well, I welcome that, but please not everybody. Otherwise, my telephone bill will rocket sky-high!

So, get ready. Here we go:

1.     Why are bananas and papayas classified under the same class category? They are in the same stream in the Singapore education context. Perhaps, this one is unfair to those who do not know the education policy in my country.

2.     Mrs Tailor wanted to cane her mischievous son when he accidentally broke the sugar bowl!                                              Can you look out for a juicy drink?

3.     Avery wise man saw a giant fighting fiercely with an elephant and said, “Why do you two brothers fight each other? Don’t you know both of you belong to the same family?                                                                                                                                    Can you investigate what makes the wise man say those words?

4.     Do you know why a High Court Judge ordered a vicious killer to be confined in a solitary ward in a hospital and not in a prison? Think harder. The answer is quite obvious!

5.     A lady wearing a red hat swore that she would kill all the family members of her immediate neighbour. You can really feel that she is capable of doing what she says. What makes you think that she means what she says?

I think 5 questions is a very good stimulant for today. Churn the questions over if you still can’t find the answers. I promise that I’ll give you all the answers by next working week!

Do good and be well my friends.


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