Here are the answers to WORDWITTING GAME (1)

1.     This question plays on the meaning of the word “spots”. When a leopard moves from one place to another and another, it changes its spots (the position). If you got it correct, you are very clever!

2.     This question is a test of your vocabulary. The answer is a ‘mealworm‘. It is the young (larval stage) of a black beetle which is an insect.

3.     This is a creative reason. Elephants usually use their trunks (noses) in feeling, touching etc. So, an elephant has a long nose so that it can poke its noses into the affairs of other animals easily and quickly! So don’t be an elephant!

4.     This is also another creative reason. The lion is more vain. It wants to be more handsome and manly than the lioness! Got you!

5.     After 2 creative riddles, this one is a giveaway. You will have no difficulty in finding out the answer “Honeydew”

6.      Zebras have stripes because they are wearing their pyajamas. Most pyajamas are striped (made from China).

7.     You should not experience any difficulty in finding out the answer which is “crowbar” a simple tool known as a lever!

No one should make more than 3 mistakes!

The answers to WORDWITTING GAME (2):

1.     Bananas and Papayas are in the same class category because each scores 3As (A means distinction in our Education policy and we stream pupils according to the attainment in their subjects.

2.     No one should find any difficulty in this riddle. It is a give away. The answer is “sugarcane”.

3.     A “giant” and an “elephant” belong to the “ant” family. So they are siblings! Got you.

4.     Another tricky one! The K ill er” has an infectious “ill ness”, so he has to be isolated in a ward in the hospital instead of a prison so that the illness will not spread to others! Got you.

5.     Another wordwitting riddle. The clue is “red hat”. What does it stand for? Yes, “Hatred!” The lady is so full of hatred in her that she really means what she says!

You should not make more than 3 mistakes.

Well, I know all my readers are waiting impatiently to know the answer. I received two phone calls from my friends in Singapore and  also from my godson in China. They begged me to tell them the answers. I did. That’s why I have decided to post the answers earlier instead of next week!

Have an enjoyable weekend! Do good and be good!

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