What is LIFE? Mankind has been asking this question time and again. Is it a GAME; a GAMBLE or a JOURNEY OF CHOICES?

When Life is a GAME, our outlook will be different. In any game, there are winners and losers. When I lose today, I will look forward to tomorrow so that I will be able to win. When I am victorious today, I will make sure that I will not be defeated tomorrow. Doesn’t it sound familiar? In the GAME OF LIFE, would we be taking it as seriously as per normal? When we cannot succeed, there is always a tomorrow. In real life, can we have that kind of philosophy?

When Life is a GAMBLE, how will we behave? We will take each step cautiously, won’t we? In GAMBLING,  there are also winners and losers. But the ODDS are always against the PLAYERS! I am not much of a gambler because I don’t know how to gamble and I for one detest gambling. So, I can’t qualify myself and write much about gambling!

When Life is a JOURNEY OF CHOICES, it sounds familiar too, how does one behave? The CHOICE we make determines the COURSE we will take. When we make a bad CHOICE, we have to face up to the consequences of that choice. We cannot blame any one else but ourselves. So, what must we do so that we will be able to make a good choice? A good choice is a well-informed choice. We must gather as much information as we can on each of the alternatives before we exercise our option. How shall we do it? My advise is go and find it out yourselves. I am not a guru and when the blind leads the blind, both…… you know this saying very well.

So, dear friends, what do you think LIFE is? This will determine your OUTLOOK IN LIFE!

If you are waiting for another WORDWITTING GAME (3), it will soon be posted. So, exercise a little patience.

Be good to one and all!


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