Now, I know that many of you are sharp and alert. You can get the answers quite fast. I will introduce and make the game a little more difficult – with 2 new ones. Here goes:

1.     ‘Mrs Jones used to put her piece of butter in a cup so that she could remember to take it out during breakfast.’ Can you identify a pretty flower?

Question 2 is an interactive instructions for a painting to be done. Try it out!

2.     An emperor once ordered a very wise man to draw a painting. If he could draw it, the king would reward him richly. If he could not produce the drawing, he would be sentenced to death! The painting must show: ‘In the middle of a mountain, there is a house and in the middle of the house, there is a nut.’ Please help the wise man to complete the task lest he would be sentenced to death!

3.     Tom, the poultry farmer kept many hens because he would collect the eggs and sell them at the market. This had been his livelihood. One day, a python appeared on his farm and swallowed a hen before all the others could peck at it. Tom became so worried that he did not dare to tell.                                                                                              What kind of a husband do you think poultry farmer Tom is?

Question 4 is an interactive story where you can participate to find out the answer. Well, try it out:

4.     A very wealthy man walked past a shop which displayed a sign: WORDS FOR SALE!” As he was curious, he paid for one and was given an envelope. He tore open the envelope and found a piece of paper. On it was written “M…..I…..N…..S!” He asked the shopkeeper to interpret and explain what the words meant.                                     “Oh, you have to consult the wise man of the village,” pointing to an old man sitting under the shade of a tree. The wealthy man  hurriedly went to see the wise man of the village.                                                                                            ” Read the words once very, very slowly,” he advised the wealthy man.                                      “M……….I……….N……….S!” he read very slowly.                                                                                                                           “Yes, you are!” the wise man replied.                                                                                                                                                   “Why did you say that?” the wealthy man seemed annoyed!                                                                                                   “Now, you read the words 3 times as fast as you can. Then you will know why I say “Yes, you are!'”

Why don’t you try it out so that you will know why the wise man says “Yes, you are!”?

5.    ‘ Mary and Jane comes from a very rich family. They pant easily because they do not need to do heavy jobs or walk long distances. Jane always looks after her younger sister, Jane.’ There is a very wild and fierce animal. Can you find it?

I have posted a number of different kinds of WORDWITTING GAMES. I always welcome readers’ contribution. Games sent to me will be credited to the sender when they are posted on my blog. Let’s make it an interactive reading and gaming blog:THE WORDWITTING GAMES!

Answers to the WORDWITTING GAMES (3) WILL BE POSTED LATER.  Be patient. In the meantime, enjoy this game!

Friends, be good always!



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