Here are the answers that all of you have been waiting for:

1.     This is an easy one. All of you will get it correct! The answer is ‘buttercup’

2.     Being IT ignorant, I find difficulty in typing out the answer. Arrange the word ‘moun tain’ horizontally and the word ‘ ho u se’ vertically so that the u in ‘house’ occupies the space (centre) in ‘moun tain’. So you will have a cross word (+). In the middle of the word “mounutain”, you will see the letter ‘u’ . Actually there is twist in this puzzle because I do not want to tease you by asking so Where is the NUT? It’s in the centre of ‘u’ (You)!

My apologies if you still can’t see the whole picture. Don’t know how to produce one?

3.     Farmer Tom dared not tell his wife because he is a ‘hen peck” husband! Sorry for the missing words on the post but do not know how to correct it!

4.     Ah, I posted this as a tweet on Twitter and received quite a lot of emails and phone calls. Actually, I am teasing all of you. When you read it quickly and then slowly or slowly and then quickly, the M…..I…..N…..S….. will sound like AM  I  AN  ASS? So the answer will be YES, YOU ARE! (My apologies again)

5.     The answer is quite straight forward. Yet 2 young teenagers could not find the answers and appeal to me to tell them. The answer is ‘panther’

So far, I have not received any response from readers when I ask them to send in their wordwitting games. I’m very patient. I hope to hear from you. If you have any difficulty in creating one, I can also try to help you if you are interested to learn.

Well, the next game is on the way soon. Just be good and do good!



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