In GAMES (3), the response is very encouraging. It gives me the impetus to try to think a little harder. I promise all of you that I will not tease any one in future. When I do, I will mention it first. Is that all right with all of you?

Well, let us put on our thinking caps again and be alert!

1.     A cruel monk tried to overburden an ass so much so that it died under the heavy load! The head monk admonished the cruel one : “D…Do..Don’t you….you know… that ..that over..overloading ….an ass…..ass… is a sin? ” he stammered as he spoke. “Yo…You mmmust be one…one of the …the hired killers!” He pointed at the cruel monk.

Can you find another one?

2.     Most animals have tails. Some are long while others are short. A tail whether long or short is very useful to the animal itself.

Can you find an occupation that is just as useful? Try it!

3.     Four brothers were working in a mine one day. The eldest brother was whistling a very familiar and catchy tune. The other 3 joined in at the chorus. For a moment, they forgot about their tiredness. Then suddenly they started to shout, dance and sing.

What made them so jubilant. Can you deduce what they had found that cause such jubilation? I’m sure you will be able to find the answer!

4.     This indeed is NEWS: Have you ever heard that the rapist was being paid for a job well done? It was reported in the local newspapers that…….

That will be an interesting occupation to some. Do you know what is the occupation?

5.     I have observed that my neighbour’s cat always likes to climb up the pillar. I wondered why. So, one day I could not control myself and asked him why his cat keeps on climbing up the pillar and I was astonished by his answer!

Can you guess what his answer is ?

Well, I have enjoyed myself as I create these questions for you. Likewise, I hope you will get the same satisfaction when you try to complete the GAME.

Be kind to yourself and others as well!


2 thoughts on “THE WORDWITTING GAMES (4)

    1. Answers to GAMES (4) #1. Assassin.( the headmonk stammered one of “s” sound. #2.Tailor #3.Therapist #4.Fortune #5.The cat on the pillar (sounds like caterpillar) is thinking that it can become a butterfly!

      You have done a great job! I like your format of question and aswer. Well done! Hope that the game that you are introducing will attract more readership.

      Keep up the good work of sharing. Regards,


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