Here are the answers to GAMES (4)

1.#Assassin. (The head monk stammered an extra ‘s’ sound. One of my friends was crying “foul”

2.#Tailor. A giveaway to the newcomers!

3.#Therapist. One of the readers warn me not to anger them. I may get a knock on my head one day!


5.#The cat on the pillar (sounds like caterpillar) thinks that it can also change into a butterfly!

Games (4) must have given some great fun! Now put on your thinking caps and sharpen your aletness and creativity!


1.     At a campfire, John accidentally threw a heavy log into the fire. Sparks started to dance and fly.

       What is the name of such an insect that you can see?

2.   Mary and her brother often fight like a cat and a dog. Do you know why a cat and a dog often fight when it sees each other?

3.     Some ants carry umbrellas because they want to shelter themselves from the sorching sun in the forest! What do you call these intelligent insects?

4.     Mrs Taylor observed that her son kept rubbing his left eye yesterday. So she asked him, ” What is in between your left eye?”  

Can you deduce what her son’s answer is?

5.     A young man from India went to consult a palmist as he wanted to know about his future occupation. The palmist looked at his right palm very intensely and said, “Mmmmm, ah! Sir, you are a very powerful man in India. When you raise your hand , you can command a hundred people and they will obey you!”

       The young man was overjoyed thinking that he would become a very notable man, perhaps the Prime Minister of India, one day. So, he paid the fortune teller handsomely!

Can you deduce what that young man would become if the fortune-teller’s prediction came true!

Now, please don’t give up. Try a little harder and you’ll soon get the joy of answering all the questions!

Take care, my friends and be good!    


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