#1. firefly

#2.It is because they can never see eye to eye !

#3.Parasol ants.

#4.The letter ‘y’

#5.This is an interesting one! The young man became a traffic policeman control traffic in one of the busy cities of India. When he raises up his hand, all the drivers stop their vehicles. Indeed he is a very powerful man with a powerful hand!

Are you ready for WORDWITTING GAME (6)? Here are the questions.

1.    John Smith holds two part-time jobs. He is good at carpentry. One day, he wanted to create something new. From where he was sawing a plank, he saw a letter ‘r’. The angle of  his view was almost blocked by a pillar.         Are you able to guess what is other part-time occupation?

2.     An army of soldiers in their base camp wanted to organise a tournament in their camp. They had every thing that was necessary for the game but the correct ball! 

What game are they playing?

3.     A farmer in India loves to rear peacocks for their beautiful feathers. One morning, he was surprised to find some eggs in the peacock pen and was overjoyed. He went to tell his wife about his discovery. “Oh, honey, we are very blessed this year. Our peacocks have started to lay eggs. We’ll be rich!” His wife burst out laughing at her husband.

Give a reason why the wife was laughing at the husband?

4.     All of us are very familiar with the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. After listening to the story, a very intelligent five-year-old child asked,” Teacher, the tree is so huge and tall, the fruits must be as long as my string!” The boy proudly showed the class the string that he had. Then, with his big  innocent eyes he asked, “What kind of beanstalk it is?

Can you help the teacher to answer the innocent question of the child?

5.     At a party, one of the guests suddenly fainted. All the other guests crowded around the unconscious lady. “Dear me, what shall we do ?” the hostess panicked. “Let’s give her some air by not crowding around her and wait for the ambulance to come,” someone suggested.

Can you figure out an important occupation?

If you are interested in these kind of games, you can go to MichelleKoop@thewordwit.com. Her games will be more interesting and there is variety. Also, her tweets are very good, informative and true!

WORDS are two-edged swords. They can condemn, destroy, murder and kill. They can also redeem, create, bless and heal. They will accomplish the task given to them by their master. So, learn the art of using them for enriching the lives of others as well as our own!




One thought on “WORDWITTING GAMES (6)

  1. Thanks for kind words, Jeremy! Wordwitting gamers will hAve to wait for a while. Thewordwit site is on hold for a couple of weeks until I return home. It’s extremely difficult to keep up with it while vacationing. Sorry to disappoint our word-lover fans! Family first!!!

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