LIFE POINTER:when we remove a nail from a wall, we will leave a hole behind!

I must thank all my friends who telephoned and sent me emails to give me their thoughts on the above LIFE POINTER. I must say that all of you hit the nail on the head as most of you express the same sentiments but in different ways. I should say that all great minds think alike although express in different ways.

Here are some slightly differing views:

1.     When we try to solve an immediate problem, we will encounter another new one!

2.     One problem will lead to another problem. So we must solve it at its root!

3.     Problems are always linked to each other. We must be able to deal with each one as it appears!

4.     Make sure that we must solve the first problem when it appears, then it will not lead to any other unsolved ones. (Wise thoughts)

5.     This one is given by a certain Mr Chung: As one problem leads to another, why bother to solve them! Let them accumulate! (If we do that, we will have the biggest headache!)

6.     The religious ones are quite interesting, but I am not going ro put them up on my blog! Sorry!

I must thank all of you once again. We will try another LIFE POINTER soon. You guys know what had happened to my laptop, don’t you?

So my dear friends, please be patient. Do good and be good!



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