A very warm welcome to one and all. The past week was a hectic week for an old man like me. Every thing which I did went haywire! It never rains but pours!

My computer was attacked by an unknown virus – some kind of Trojan 3. I was really at a loss how it got in! A friend helped me by redoing everything for me. Clean up my whole laptop.

Guess, what happened. Some of the keys on the keyboard malfunctioned. According to the expert, my laptop is an antique now. So I tried to look for another used laptop. When I enquired all my other contacts, none has a spare.

Well, how to solve these problems? Someone suggested I use the on-screen keyboard. Well, it works but it is again a learning process. You know that this uncle is bad in typing, and this adds to my already snail’s pace work.

Nevertheless, I am happy that I can still in contact. But problems do exist! I forgot all the passwords in my Gmail, wordpress.com and twitter! I depended on my computer to remember for me and I did not know that my good friend can just erase it all off! What an experience! I hope this is the first and last time. I encounter this difficult when I was at WINDOWS LIVE. I forgot how I succeeded appealing to the Team then and they fixed it for me. I wrote it on my blog then.

Well, after a week’s of awful experience, I survive and am surviving. Glad to be home and at least be useful and share my thoughts with all of you.

As promised, here is WORDWITTING GAMES (8)

1.     In a certain village in Britain, whenever the big pond was frozen during the winter months, many village children would put on their skates and enjoyed themselves. These skaters would skate the whole day long!

Give the name of an animal found in the passage.

2.     “Pigs have piglets. Owls have owlets and bulls have bullets!” That was the news headlines in the papers! It was reported that when a hunter cut open the bull’s stomach, he found 3 bullets.

Can you explain how bulls can have bullets?

3.     This is an interactive question. You can try to experiment it.

John has discovered an amazing feat. He placed a cup of water full to the brim on the table; turned it upside down without spilling a drop of water on the table!

Can you do it? Can you figure out how he did it?

4.     Mike loves to write his own lyrics and music. As usual, after a satisfying meal and wine, he loves to belt out his new creation with a dance!

Name an apparel.

5.     Tom is a duck farmer. He rears a lot of ducks and allows them to roam about in his big farm beside a river. He ducks are tame and obedient. They do not run away from the farm.

Can you name a command to warn others?

Well, it’s interesting to bring you the games. Now, I hope you will find the joy and thrill to complete all the 5 questions.

The answers will be on my blog in the weekend. If you want to know earlier, you can email me.

Be good and kind to others!


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