Today’s procedure and format of my writing will be slightly different. I am leading some of the younger readers into some thinking process using a LIFE POINTER so that they can exercise their skill in analyzing the saying and its meaning! I must confess that I am not a guru in the teaching of wisdom. Wisdom cannot be taught! We can only squeeze out its essence and drink it! I try to help you along by providing some leading questions. This is a good exercise to sharpen our thinking skills. Today’s LIFE POINTER under discussion is “THROW A PEBBLE INTO A POND AND YOU WILL SEE THE RIPPLING EFFECTS THAT YOU CREATED!” I have 8 leading questions to help you along. Spend about 5 to 10 minutes (or more, if you like) to answer them. Mull over the POINTER to see if it reveals anything of significance. 1.  What does this LIFE POINTER say literally? 2.  Is there any abstract meaning underlying some of the key words? If there is, what can I think that they intend to mean? 3.  Is it an advice, a warning or both? 4.  What can the word ‘pebble’ signify? (This will depend on your experience and maturity) 5.  What does the ‘pond’ signify? 6.  What are the ‘rippling effects’? (Both literally and in abstract terms) 7.  Think of some incidents (or scenarios) you have experienced where you can apply this Pointer? 8.  Is this LIFE POINTER useful as a guide? Can I formulate my own so that I can have ownership of a wise saying and quote? When we follow the above steps, then we will have a very clear idea and understanding of what the LIFE POINTER means to us personally! Most of us would understand the POINTER according to our experience and maturity. Hence, the above are 8 basic steps we can use. Let me know whether what I have written is useful to you.


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