Welcome once again! I try to put up this game earlier so as to give all of you more time to think out the answers. It’s not that the questions are difficult. Most of you are quite an expert by now. I don’t think I would be able to trick any of you.

Well, here are the questions:

1.   I’m looking for the name of a bird.

After a hearty meal at a nearby restaurant, my father signaled to the waitress for the bill, while my younger brother was admiring a photograph of a rhinoceros. “Look, Dad! It’s a hippo!” he said. “No, it’s not!” I corrected him. “A hippo doesn’t have a horn!”

2.   Guess the letter that was carved on the rock.

In the midst of the sea, the sailors found a rock jutting out of the water. One of the sailors said that there was a huge letter carved on the rock.

3.   What is the difference?

Can you tell the difference between  VI  and   IV ?

4.  Give the name of a game.

Mary has musical talent. She can play the piano, the guitar, the violin and the saxophone. But she is a dwarf. Whenever she performs, she has to bring along with her a chair which is specially made for her.

5.  What stands in front of a thousand or a million?

The answer is _______________.



#1. Hornbill

#2. The letter ‘e’

#3. The difference is 2. Or “I” is always first from left to right or right to left. If you give the first answer, you are a mathematician! If you give the second answer, you are a creative/witty person

#4.  Musical chair!

#5. The answer is 1 (one) .

If you have enjoyed this game, please email me!

Have a good week and be good and kind to one and all!



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