Just last evening, I overheard some one speaking on his mobile telephone while I was riding home in a bus: You are the author…..

It sets me thinking deeply. Yes, indeed! Everyone of us is an author even though we do not realize it. Don’t you know that each of us is writing our own autobiography every day!

A book has to be bought and read by an individual. Our daily lives are read by people whom we interact with: friends and foes. It reaches a wider audience than a book! So, how does each of our autobiography like? Each day can be a chapter of our life! How do your friends and others view you as they read your autobiography? What kind of legacy are we leaving behind ?

Well, these are some of the thoughts that come across my mind as I write this post. I know you can add more meat instead of scrapping the surface!

Well, instead of a poem, I shall leave a tweet :

DON’T BE A FISHMONGER! F.I.S.H.  is  F ear  I nduces  S trange  H appenings!


4 thoughts on “YOU ARE THE AUTHOR

  1. I love you title! We are all authors, writing our stories each day. I think if we woke up with this knowledge and thought about what we would write on the pages of each day, we would stronger emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Great post!

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