Just to inform all of you that I have been experiencing difficulties in surfing the net and entering my blog @wordpress.com. Hope I can fix the problem soon and well.

Now, for the WORDWITTING GAMES (11):

1.  The sentence below is supposed to be said by Napoleon. There are very few sentences like this in the world. Can you find something strange about it? Examine it carefully!

“Able was I ere I saw Elba?”

2.  Mary’s mother went to the dining room after she had made some tea in the teapot. After a while she asked Mary to pour her a cup of tea. Mary put a cube of sugar into the cup of tea and brought it to her mother. Oh dear! It’s too sweet! You must have added a lot of sugar into the tea!”

Can you look out for a candy?

3.  When the cruel king died, his eldest son became the ruler of the kingdom. The new king was a kind-hearted  young man and many of the people loved and respected him.

Name an instrument.

4.   What do you have which you seldom use but it is often used by others?

The answer is _____________.

5.  Do you know that you have a very close friend whose right hand is your left hand while your left hand is his right hand?

What is his name?



#1.  This sentence is indeed very strange! You can spell it from left to right or right to left! Do you know of any other sentence that can be done in this way?

#2.  The word is “sweet”. In Singapore, we call them sweets instead of candies!

#3.  Ruler.

#4. Your name.

#5.  Your reflection.


Have a great week ahead of you! Do good and be good!


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