Today’s title is very interesting because our society is such that sometimes a lie can be turned into a rumour, a rumour into fact and then it becomes the truth. How can it be done? I will attempt to explain in a logical way:

When only one person says something, we can say it is a LIE when we don’t believe what he says. When two or more people say the same thing to you again, you may still say that it is a RUMOUR when you don’t believe what they say. Now, when more and more people say the same thing over and over, the RUMOUR may become a FACT because we tend to believe it as so many people say so. Then slowly and stealthily, this FACT can turn into WISDOM and remain as WISDOM when every one accepts it!

I think this is what is happening in THESES LAST DAYS as I understand the BIBLE! Don’t get me Wrong. I’m not a scholar. I am not a preacher nor an evangelist! I read with apprehension about some pastors (in Holland) do not believe in the existence of God! How queer and odd it is! They call this the New Christian Movement! This is how Satan works.

Perhaps, I am stepping on many people’s toes! As I lament…..aaaah, who am I…. ONLY A VOICE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS!

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