This is the THIRD time I’m typing this page all over again! I have saved the last piece but can’t get it displayed! Someone up there must be giving me all the problems.

Well, I better type out the 5 questions for this game.

1.   Give an answer to this riddle. What has four wheels and flies as well?

2.   Find an occupation.

Have you read a book entitled “A TAIL OF TWO CITIES” or is it “A TALE OF TWO CITIES”?

3.   Name 2 things which ducks have that are different from the hens?

4.   During a routine check, a traffic police officer told a beautiful lady driver, “Miss, do you know that you have broken the law when you drive without your glasses on?” “Officer, I have contacts!” came the reply. “I have to give you a summons (fine) and you can show it to your contacts!” said the officer angrily.

What “contacts” is the lady talking about?

5.   In a very wealthy neighbourhood, 3 houses are beside each other. House owner of NO 16 and NO 18 display huge warning signs: BEWARE OF FIERCE DOGS to warn thieves and robbers. The owner of NO 17 does not believe in displaying signs. Yet, whenever there is any theft in the vicinity, NO 16 and NO 18 are the targets and become the victims of houses broken into. Now, why do the robbers avoid breaking into house NO 17?


Now, I know someone is trying to look for the answers instead of using the brain! Try out first before peeping into the answers!


#1.  A garbage truck.

#2.  Tailor

#3.  Bills and webbed feet!

#4.  Contact lens.

#5.  The one should be demonstrated orally and you will find it interesting!

Write NO 16, NO 17 and NO 18 on a piece of paper as you tell the story.

NO 17 will spell LION if you view it on the opposite side. So the owner of that house keeps a LION while the other 2 owners keep fierce dogs. Surely, the thieves and robbers will not break into that house!

Have a great week ahead of you!



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