Is the teaching from the Bible still relevent today? I remember that when I was very little, my mother used to tell me not to retaliate when somebody hit me. Just disappear from the scene and I would be safe from harm. I tested this form of strategy when I was in school. Sometimes it worked but many a time it did not! I was being bullied by my classmates. So I decided to stand and face them. After a good fight, those bullies found their match and I was treated with great respect!

So, when I became a father of two, I also taught my two sons “to give the other cheek”. I impressed upon my elder son to give way to the younger brother because he is the elder and that he should protect the younger one from being bullied. My elder son was so obedient that he never raised his hands against the younger one but always complained to us so that we would take action for correct the younger one.

One day, when he was in kindergarten, one of the kids there used a pair of scissors to snip off some of the hair on the head. When he returned home, we were horrified! We asked him what had happened in class. He told us the whole story. “Why didn’t you hit him back?” I yelled at him. “But Daddy, that guy is shorter than me! You tell me not to hammer small children,” he defended himself.

I spent almost half an hour to correct his outlook! “Next time, if anyone does it to you again, give him a good punch at the nose!” Then I took him to the barber to have his hair trimmed properly.

The next morning, I took him to school as usual and reminded him not to be so foolish again but stand up for his rights! Then I left for home. That fellow went to the playground in the kindergarten, walked up to the boy who snipped off his hair the day before, and gave him a hard punch on his nose. His nose bled and he yelled loudly.

Without any doubt I was summoned to the kindergarten. The teacher told me that my son had said that I told him to bash up the boy who snipped his hair the day before! I had a difficult time to explain to the teacher.

Now, how would you react when someone slaps you on the left cheek, would you give him you right as well? My answer would be “NO!” I will definitely give him my right HOOK! That’s what I had learnt from school too when I was little. Even that guy is bigger and stronger than I, I will jab him and then run away as fast as I could. (By the way, I am a very fast runner!)

Well, have a nice week-end.


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