The other day I overheard two girls  talking to each other in the bus. They must have got back their examination scripts from school because it was the second day of the fourth term in school. I guess that they must have done poorly in Mathematics because they were discussing about equations and simultaneous equations.
“God must be bad in Maths, too! I did pray very hard before I attempted to answer the Maths paper,” the younger girl confided in the older one. “Why am I still getting such low marks?” she asked.
“I think so,” the elder one replied.”I remembered the story I heard from my Sunday School teacher…….” I was indeed taken aback! Did the teacher really tell the students in church that ‘God is bad in Mathematics?’
I tried to recollect the bible stories that I had learnt in church when I was young. As you well know, I am not a very religious person and I do not know the Bible well, so I had a difficult time to connect to one.

When I arrived home that it dawned on me that the elder girl was talking about the parable of the employer who employed 3 different sets of workers to work in the harvesting field. The first set of workers had to work for longer hours; the second set work for a shorter period of time while the third set of workers worked only for a couple of hours. All the three different sets of workers were paid the same amount. Is the payment fair?

By law and logic, the employer is truly unfair to the first set of workers. They have worked the longest period of time, so they must be paid more, don’t you agree?

Ah, who are we to judge whether God is fair or unfair? Why should God bless the bad guys and not the good ones? He should bless the good guys more than the bad ones!

God’s Grace is totally different from our mortal logic! He is at liberty to bestow it to whomsoever He likes irregardless if he is good or bad. “Are we envious of God’s way?”

So, what do you think? Is God really bad/poor in Mathematics? I shall leave you to answer this question yourself!

I must apologize to those who are waiting for the WORDWITTING GAMES. I have run out of creativity at the moment. When I am ready, I will post them on my blog! This is the mid-week. Have a relaxing week end! Be good!



  1. I think God is phenomenal in addition. Everything adds up. Our misunderstanding arises in the equation. The girls are stuck in the middle of an equation (a situation in life) that they don’t understand (i.e., why would God allow me to do so poorly on my test), but there is more to that equation. And the sum (the total), will be greater in the end.

    1. You are correct. Very often we use our own present experience to jump to the conclusion which we think and certain that it is correct. Actually, the parable is about God’s Grace to Mankind. Study this portion of the scripture and you will appreciate and understand God’s Grace to all of us ! Thanks for your comment.

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