This is an interesting question which was put to me just the other day by a young man who just happened to be in that state of mind. I am helping him how to defeat this green-eyed monster.

Does God have this trait? The answer must be a loud ‘YES’ because He Himself has said so –  “I am a JEALOUS GOD”  – when he gave the 10 commandments to Moses!

So, is JEALOUSY a sin? When there is LOVE, there must be some form of JEALOUSY! When there is JEALOUSY, there must be some form of LOVE! It is a very thin line between LOVE and JEALOUSY.

God gives us JEALOUSY so that we can treasure the objects (both animate and inanimate) more. It is how  WE DEAL WITH JEALOUSY OR LOVE THAT MAKES US COMMIT SIN.

The first murder was committed because of jealousy! This ‘green-eyed monster’ can lead us to many a sin. We need to overcome this fearful enemy. How? You need to consult your counsellor or pastor! I am in no position to teach you how to deal with this religious matter.

Well, how did I help this young man? I made him analyse his own feelings and slowly led  him to see why he should not be jealous.

A lot of our problems exist because we fail to analyse them carefully. When we do, we would be able to overcome one problem after another. Of course, it is easier said than doing it! But we must try to persevere.

Next time when you have a problem, try what I have just said and you would be able to overcome it. When you really cannot do it, then you have to approach someone who can help you.

So, do be good, my friends and relax. You deserve the weekend!



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