Hi, friends! I’m back with one more game for you! Planning the game is tougher than writing a blog. Well, hope you guys enjoy it!

1.   I’ll begin with a riddle:

      How can you be promoted to the top of your company in a highrise building?

2.   What are the two things which are in the heart of every woman? One is very obvious while the second needs some thinking!

     Do you know what they are?

3.   The hijackers held 40 passengers as hostages. When the soldiers tried to ambush the hijackers, all but 3 hostages survived.      How many hostages survived?

4.   When we place some water into a freezer of a refrigerator, the water will turn into ice. But I have a special refrigerator which will not turn water into ice but into something else. Do you know what will it become?

5.   This morning, I read an interesting ad which wants to sell a dress where the hem-line meets the waist-line. What a fantastic dress! Unfortunately, the ad omitted one important information.

Do you know what is the information omitted?


Here are the answers:

#1.  The elevator

#2.  Man and Money (Ladies, please don’t get angry!)

#3.  37 survived.

#4.  Notice (NOT ICE)

#5.  Address. (AD DRESS)

Well, have a fun week-end!


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