Why are some of us born disabled? Is it fair to them? Do the blind, the mute, the cripple……. all of them have a place in our society? Oh, I have a thousand and one question to ask God! But mine is only a small voice crying in the wilderness. Does anyone care?

Well, with this frame of mine, I wrote the poem below. May it speak to your heart!


When you look me,

I’m just like any other person;

Only when you speak to me,

You’ll then find the difference!

With soundless ears and wordless voice,

I learn to cope with these impairments!

Who can I blame for my predicament:

The Almighty God or my loving parents?

Why am I given these impediments,

When others are free and wholesome?

In this lonely and silent world of mine,

I learn to accept and persevere!

This burden I’ll have to bear,

And overcome it with many a tear!

I enjoy the beauty that surrounds me,

And appreciate the kindness in actions and signs;

I can see and feel deeply,

Beyond each action and word;

I can only share with those,

Whose wavelength is in tune with mine!

The reason for people with disabilities exist,

Is for others to learn and practise:

Contentment, empathy, love and generosity;

That their lives will be wholesome,

And live in fulfilment!





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