It was indeed a great surprise that the Barnone Group. com wants to showcase some of my poems written in my own unique format. At least it gives me great satisfaction that all my hardwork of writing poetry and sharing with friends and relatives all these years have not gone to waste! It is a good birthday present for me indeed. Thank you so much Mr Mark! You have certainly make me the happiest man!

As I have written on  my post that I always want to start something new while I was still in school. We were encouraged to play with words and meanings – making our own riddles and puzzles. I think the poetry format that I have chosen is very unique indeed. Eleven lines with a total of thirty-six words written in geometrical diamond shape. I only wish that some other writers would try to attempt this format. I have written and posted a number of them on this website.

Perhaps, those who want to have a look at them should look up the archives.

So, let me share this poem with all of you:



Break through,

Hit on desired target;

Feeling elated overcoming all odds,

Through sheer determination and hard work;

Another feather in the cap,

Increases self confidence,

Personal satisfaction, 





2 thoughts on “CELEBRATIONS

  1. Well look at that, Jeremy! Congrats.
    Reading your poem, I was struck by the shape of a target. It is in the shape of the circle, yet in my mind I see the letter “O” – reminded that when we HIT the target – we are against all “O”dds.

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