This year is full of  natural disaster. Most of us have seen the sufferings of numerous people across the globe. Our hearts are truly filled with compassion! Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion are very similar but there is a difference in varying degrees. To me, Compassion is the highest form of human feeling! It is a God-given trait! Some may disagree.

I’ll let the more knowledgeable friends to argue and define each of them.

Well, below is a poem which I have written some years ago and would like to share with you. I would welcome your comment.



Transcend borders,

Natural and spontaneous;

Heart to heart communicates,

In sympathy they will relate;

Soothing fears, calming nerves, evoking faith;

Unconditional love will eventually melt,

Any cold hard steel,

In warm embrace,

Giving healing,



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