Just the other day, I took my grand-daughter to a public garden for a walk. She was just as excited as a bee when she saw the flowers of different colours. It was a great learning time for her, asking lots and lots of questions. I could  never answer all her questions no matter how hard I tried.

All of a sudden, she saw  a path of pebbles. The pebbles were all smooth and shiny. She picked up one and asked, “Why are they called pebbles and not stones?” Before I could answer her, she fired the next question. “Why are they so smooth and cool to the touch?” “Oh, I must collect some to show them to my younger brother!”  (My younger son is expecting his second child in early February)

I must admit that it is not easy to look after a five-year-old nowadays! They are full of vitality and bubbling with curiosity. Anything new will catch their attention and flood their mind with one hundred and one questions!

Writing about pebbles, brings back memories of a poem I wrote sometime ago. I would want to share it with you. Hope it speaks to you too!



A pebble,

Weathered by Time;

Shiny, smooth and sparkling;

Stony heart with compassionate love,

Warms up to the master’s touch,

Unpicked on life’s busy highway,

Yearning for someone’s  love,

Someone who shares,

Life’s secrets,




































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