How many of us do appreciate the wisdom of the elders?

Nowadays, the modern yuppies do not believe that the older folks have more wisdom than they.They believe that the education of yester-years and wisdom are obsolete. Once when we cross our fiftieth birthday, we are good for nothing! Especially in the working environment, once we are in our late forties, we are being considered over the hills! These group of workers are at the mercy of their bosses. Once out of employment, they will never be able to find back a suitable job. This is a fact of life.

This is the scenario facing our country. Some of my younger friends are so afraid that their rice-bowls are in a precarious position. Every year they are afraid that they will be retrenched.True, our government provides us with opportunities of upgrading our skills, but there is a limit to one’s learning capacity! The common majority falls within this category. Now with our aging population, we really fear for the worse to come!

Well, I am only a tiny voice crying in the wilderness. How wonderful it would be if we can always remain in our twenties and thirties and never grow old beyond that. Then we can have the cake and eat it!

Below is a poem I wrote many years ago while I was very much younger. Reading the poem now really brings back memories of yesterdays. May this poem speak to you:



Shrivelling skin,

Fallow by Time,

Storage of  life’s wisdom;

Tutored by natural life’s tutors,

Cast aside along the highway of life;

Isolated, lonely, untapped, resource stump,

Yuppies fail to appreciate:

The handy encyclopaedia;

Letting it



2 thoughts on “AGED……

  1. Jeremy – I hear your voice and I echo the reality of the “lack of appreciation for the wisdom of the years”. Perhaps that’s why I love the 5th line: Tutored by life’s tutors. That’s an excellent statment.

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