The other week-end, I was indeed surprised to meet a very long lost friend of more than twenty years.

He is wheelchair bound and his wife is taking care of him and pushing him to places where he wishes to visit.

We lost touch of each other because he went overseas to work after a broken relationship, not because they do not love each other but because of the disapproval by the girl’s parents. The girl later joined him after her mother passed away. They were happily married!

Seeing him in this state really makes me very sad. He told me the long story which I am not going to put it up on the post.

Their relationship was and still is a true picture of love and devotion. I recollect how they suffer because of the love for each other. It was indeed a pleasant surprise that I met them and it brought back memories of our single-hood days!

Well, I wrote this poem for them and I’m sharing it with you. Actually, I would want the whole world to know! May it speak to you!


Man in a wheelchair,

Being pushed around by wife;

Seems resigned to his condition,

Enjoying the companionship and view;

Sharing his interest with his life-mate,

His caring and loving wife

More than twenty years of wedded bliss,

Still as loving and understanding as before,

Time has changed both their lives,

But leaving their LOVE in tact!





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