It is surprising to see two people who usually can’t see eye to eye can suddenly fall in love with each other. This is the case which I wrote about the couple on my last post.

They are now holidaying in Singapore. I met them the other week-end and I composed the poem MATURED LOVE  to give them. I had the poem framed and they were very appreciative of it. They read my web page and they just laughed. They told me not to write about their love story. I promised them that I will not do it.

Because of them I wrote another poem on LOVE  in my unique format. Let it speak to you.



Between people,

Blossom in time;

Constant wear and tear,

Smoothens jagged edges and corners;

Two hearts beating together as one

Understanding without saying a word,

Empathy and compassion intertwined;

To longing hearts,

Yearning together,


I sincerely wish them well and by the Grace of God: What God binds, let no man put asunder!


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