If we were granted only one wish this Christmas, what do you wish for?

Indeed, this is a very difficult question to answer! All at once, a hundred and one needs comes to mind. We will be overwhelmed even when we want to prioritize them.

I remember once I was given such a choice by my mum. Even though we were very poor then, she always tried her best to satisfy my needs. At that young age (7),  all I could only think of was my harmonica! Indeed, I yearned to have one for more than a year so that I could play it. One of my richer friends had one but he would never allow another person to use it because it was considered unhygienic.

It was joy unspeakable when my mum finally gave me a brand new one! Wow! I still can feel the joy even as I recollect it now! I have a ear for music, and within a few days, I could play some tunes though squeaky and jerky ones! I was so proud of my own learning that I forced my mum and sisters to listen to  my repertoire. To encourage me, they endured the horrible noise, but very gently told me that I should practise more . I did and I became quite good at it!

Now, whenever I play on my harmonica, I always think of my mother’s love for me! Even at my age now, I really miss her so! Every Christmas season, I often think of her as it is also the time when she prepared herself to meet God. I thank God for giving me such a good mother!

Well, back to the question: What do you wish for this Christmas? Just make one wish and it will be granted! Do make your wish wisely……….!

One thought on “ONE WISH…..

  1. There’s more behind creative people than words! Hence, your skill at playing the harmonica. I, too, find great joy in playing the piano. With my fingers dancing upon the keys, many childhood wishes were casted. I dreamed into the keys with each song I wrote. I invented myself in music and found hope in the sounds. As I think upon a Christmas wish, I pause. Life teaches us that wishes are fickle. Hope teaches us that all things are possible. So, I’d add to your piece today – what is your Christmas HOPE? And what is hope? From the wordwit, hOPE is staying OPEn to possibilities, until they are presented as the past! Happy Holiday, Jeremy!

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