I am a little confused and annoyed by what Mr Wozniak said in an interview with BBC radio.He says,”Look at the structured societies like Singapore where bad behaviour is not tolerated and can get you extreme punishments: Where are the creative people? Where are the great artists, where are the great musicians, where are the great writers, where are the great athletes? (Today, Dec 16, 2011). These observations and thoughts were uttered by a well-known and respected man!

Do all the great creative people become famous for bad behaviour> Must one go against the establishment or law of the country in order to be creative or famous? Strange thoughts indeed! No wonder I am not creative at all because I have never battle against it!

In the same vein, law-abiding citizens can never be creative! We must try

experiment with drugs, get high on MX pills, smoke pot…. become drug addicts so that we will be able to produce creative juices. Must we learn to hack into computers in order to be famous? Must we try illegal drugs so that we can perform better in sports and games? These are the scenarios that cross my mind

Perhaps, I am not learned or creative like him at all! We are lucky that everything is proper in our small island. Within the boundaries, there are creative people , our own heroes and heroines: be they writers, poets, scientists, inventors, businessmen , sportsman and women etc.

Needless to say, there are numerous creative writers in our country! So, what is creativity? I will attempt to answer this question in the poem below:



Innovative ways,

Of finding solutions;

Not through standard norms,

Employ totally fresh original ideas;

Not afraid of total failure,

But persevere and innovate,

Till thoughts germinate,

New Birth,


I will allow my other learned friends to argue futher. I am just a little voice in the wilderness.

When a famous person belch and let off gases, everyone present must say that it is fragrant and smells wonderful! To remark otherwise, we would be look upon like fools! Perhaps, I should be like the little boy who shouted….. “Look! The Emperor is not wearing any clothes!” in the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes!




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