I am most certain that most of us have been extremely busy thinking of different kinds of gifts to give to  different family members and friends. It is interesting to know if we match the gift to the person who receives it or match the person to the gifts which we have bought. I’ll let you to answer that question. Someone may ask if there is a difference? The answer is a definite “yes”! I will let you to think about the difference.

As I ponder on this question, suddenly my memories bring me back to the special gifts that I received from my two sons while I was struggling to make ends meet that Christmas. Indeed, those were the painful days worth thinking about. My two sons always bring it up almost every Christmas just to remind ourselves how the good Lord has continued to bless our family throughout the years!

My elder son made me a set of table pen-holders using seashells. He had been trying to hide it from me and was successful. It was indeed a great surprise when I opened it on Christmas day! It was and still is a present from his heart! I value that present more than any other presents that I received from him after that!

The younger chap drew a big ice-cream cake on a drawing block. In the centre of the cake, he dripped candle wax and created a two dimensional candle standing on the cake. It looked really beautiful. Both of them wrote on the card which accompanied the gifts:

“Nearest to your heart and furthest from your cane. You know who we are because we cause you so much pain!”

Until this day, I have received numerous gifts but none can compare these two gifts given to me by my kids when they were about 12 years of age.

Christmas is the GIFT from GOD. He gave us Jesus Christ for the redemption of our sins. What gifts do we give to God as we busily preparing gifts to our loved ones and friends? Do give Him a meaningful gift that is straight from your heart!


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