The year 2011 is ebbing away and a new year awaits! The train of Time never stops for a moment. It moves on and on no matter what happens!

Well, I remember that I made one resolution in the beginning of the year: To quit smoking. Did I succeed? (LOL) No! I have failed miserably! I just manage to cut down from a packet to half a pack.

I also remember that my niece , Victoria, emailed me to encourage me to quit smoking. She has succeeded some years back and said that I also could follow her footsteps. But sorry to say, I find it tremendously difficult. My whole system and habit changes terribly! I got irritated and blew my top just because of very minor things. Very well then, I am not going to make any new year resolution this time round!

I count each day as a blessing when I wake up in the morning. Plan what I am going to do for the day and try to complete the day’s tasks. To me, when we are 50, we live year by year. When we are 60, we live month by month. When we are 70, we live  week by week When we are 80, we live day by day. Finally, when we are 90 and beyond, we live hour by hour! Well, that’s life!

Every day is an extra day for me. What a blessing! I can still share my experiences and thoughts with others, help someone be he stranger or friend or just to enjoy nature for another day. This is LIFE!

Ah, another year is just like another day! How are you going to use this period of time. Use this extra time meaningful especially to yourself!

I hope the poem below speaks to all of us:



Morning breaks;

Beginning of day,

History of one’s life,

Begins impromptu, unedited and unrehearsed;

No opportunity for any retake,

In the theatre of Life;

What are you:

Supporting actor?



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