Just the other weekend, I took my grand-daughter to the beach.

How happy she was walking bare-footed  on the sandy beach! “Hey, grandpa!” she shouted. “We are leaving our footprints behind……!” as she turned around and looked at them. “This footprint is mine and that one is yours,” she pointed them out to me. Just for curiosity I asked her, “How do you know your footprints?”

“Easy! Mine is smaller than yours! See!” Indeed, hers was smaller than mine. I carried her in my arms. She was and is a bundle of weight! After about five steps, I asked to see the footprints again. “Whose footprints do you see now?” I asked her. “Ah, they are yours! I didn’t make any because I did not walk on the sand. You are carrying me!” That was a very clever and wise deduction for a child.

Anyway, footprints left behind by others do tell us stories of the past! The footprints on the shore are not permanent as they can be washed away by the tide when it comes in. But the footprints we leave behind us in this world will live on after we have left this world!

I remember I wrote a poem about FOOTPRINTS a long time ago. I just want to share it with you:



Foot imprints,

On the shore

Whom do they belong?

We leave this trail behind,

In this sea of crowded humanity!

When the tide rolls in,

They’ll never be seen,

Then fresh footprints,

New trails,



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